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Whether playing his great-grandfather's harp guitar, his 1930 National Steel or a standard 6-string, Stephen Bennett is a musician to hear. His playing has won awards and critical praise. In live performance and on record, his diverse musical influences and interests are joined with a lifelong love affair with the sound of guitar strings.

New cd heading to the factory!

A collection of 15 tracks has now been mixed by my friend, engineer-extraordinaire  Kim Person. There are a bunch of new compositions, a couple of tunes I composed 40 years ago and forgot about, and a couple of cover arrangements. There are tunes for harp guitar, 12-string guitar, standard guitar and banjo. (Did he say banjo?). Yes, he did. I even played drums on one tune. That tune is called Mr. Fuzzybutt.  This is as sure a sign that the end-times are upon us….head for the hills!  Anyway, as the subject line indicates, I’ve placed the order.  Oh, it’s called Passages.  And I bet you’ll like Mr. Fuzzybutt.  (It’s what I often call my dog, Max).  Actually, it’s just fun saying Mr. Fuzzybutt.  Give it a try!  I know you feel better now.

February 22nd, 2019. Written by

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