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Whether playing his great-grandfather's harp guitar, his 1930 National Steel or a standard 6-string, Stephen Bennett is a musician to hear. His playing has won awards and critical praise. In live performance and on record, his diverse musical influences and interests are joined with a lifelong love affair with the sound of guitar strings.

Happy 4th!

Greetings all. And a happy 4th of July to you and yours! I’m headed to California in the morning to teach at Andy McKee’s Musicarium, along with Andy, Don Ross, Eric Johnson and Michael Manring. Should be good fun! Then next week I have a couple of shows in Virginia. Harrisonburg on the 12th and Richmond on the 13th. For details

In recorded music news, I have physical copies of a new cd project. In 2004, I put out a 29 tune double cd called Harp Guitar – A Compilation. The new release is another 29 tune double cd and is called Harp Guitar – Another Compilation. Clever, huh. Ok, not so much. But it is straight to the point. Everything on it has been previously released except for 2 tracks. One is my tune Nancy B, but with a high strung guitar part added. The other is a remix of the tune The Old Home Place which is a duet with my brother Jim on piano. This track is a remixed version of the original recording. It’s available on the store page.

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