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Whether playing his great-grandfather's harp guitar, his 1930 National Steel or a standard 6-string, Stephen Bennett is a musician to hear. His playing has won awards and critical praise. In live performance and on record, his diverse musical influences and interests are joined with a lifelong love affair with the sound of guitar strings.

Next up, Toronto

Greetings all ~ I went down to Ocean County Community College in southern New Jersey a few days ago to do a presentation for their Music Club. My friend Mark Farley teaches guitar there. I played in the Planetarium and sure enough, they had an image of what astronomers call The Eye Of God, and which is also, as you may know, the title of one of my pieces. So that was fun! Now I’m sticking around home for several weeks, working on tunes for my next recording. But I’ll be heading before long up to Toronto to play for Fingerstyle Guitar Canada. Thanks to my friend Randy Finney, both for his comments and for arranging the May 18/19 shows. Lastly, it was with a heavy heart I heard the news about the mayhem in downtown Toronto a couple of days ago. There’s just too much senseless violence in the world, too many young guys that get it in their heads to murder complete strangers. As if that makes anything at all better…

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