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Whether playing his great-grandfather's harp guitar, his 1930 National Steel or a standard 6-string, Stephen Bennett is a musician to hear. His playing has won awards and critical praise. In live performance and on record, his diverse musical influences and interests are joined with a lifelong love affair with the sound of guitar strings.

A little recognition is always nice…

Back in 2009, my tune Feel Like A New Man was nominated for Best Guitar Solo and my cd Reflections was nominated for Best Acoustic Guitar CD in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Reflections won and Nancy and I were present at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville for the awards ceremony that year. Which was kind of fun, as you might imagine.

There have been no JFP awards since then.

That is, until last week, when JPF Awards Nominations were announced for this year. I was pleased to learn that this year 3 of my tracks have been nominated. Chocolate Mo and Down A Kansas Road are up for for Best Solo Guitar, along with Light My Fire for Best Cover Tune. There isn’t a Best Acoustic Guitar CD category this year.

The awards show will be in Los Angeles this year but the date hasn’t been announced.

And this was a nice surprise that showed up a week or so ago as well:!/article/tommy_emmanuel_5_great_guitar_albums_you_probably_dont_know_by_joebosso

That follows on this list you might have seen a couple of years ago:

Thanks to my friend Tommy Emmanuel for the recognition!

Just thought I’d share these bits of news with you.

Best to all who happen upon this digital place.

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4 Responses to "A little recognition is always nice…"

  1. Randall Sprinkle stated:

    Congratulations on your nominations and recognition.

  2. Tony Barnard stated:

    Good on you mate, you deserve it and more. All the best

  3. Lou Alano stated:

    congrats, Stephen. You’re at the top of all my lists as well!

  4. Joan Hummer stated:

    Congratulations on your nominations and the best of luck to you.

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